We have acquired a vast experience while working with public organizations and private companies, in policing, civil aviation and corporate security.

We assist our clients in identifying the risks and vulnerabilities that could affect their security performance, objectives and targets.

We provide innovative solutions that will address root cause problems by focusing on compliance with policies, procedures and regulatory requirements and by improving the performance of the security team through situational awareness and training.

We also provide consulting services for security screening in airports and for sports, cultural and corporate events.
We are the first Canadian company to hold a Certified Sports Security Professional (CSSP) certification, from the National Center for Spectators Sports Safety and Security (NCS4) and the University of Southern Mississippi.

Our Security Services

  • Strategy and Program assessment
    • Threat, risk and vulnerability assessment (TRVA);
    • Program audit;
    • Design of Security Management System (SeMS);
    • Design of Physical Security Architectures.
  • Training
    • Civil aviation security;
    • Travel safety and security;
    • Screening of passengers/spectators: Attention, Compliance and Engagement (ACE);
    • Coaching of security executives.
  • Audit, control and performance assessment
    • Security contract management and audit;
    • Guidance to draft/answer Requests for Proposal (RFP);
    • Screening operations audit and testing.

Our Event Security Services

  • Planning and Managing screening operations:
    • Designing the concept of operations (CONOPS);
    • Development of the screening plan and procedures;
    • Training of supervisors and screening officers.
  • Detection equipment (in partnership with Sectus Technologies)
    • Identification of equipment Vs requirements and CONOPS;
    • Procurement of equipment with our partner, Sectus Technologies;
    • Training (equipment).
  • Quality assurance and Continuous improvement
    • Audits and tests;
    • Performance assessment of checkpoint operations.