Training 2 – Improving the effectiveness of screening operations and the customer experience

This course will enable participants to manage screening operations in alignment with performance objectives. Students will identify the key interactions between front line employees and clients, those « moments of truth » which affect the customer experience and the operations’ effectiveness. We will also explain the importance of the first contact with the customer and how the supervisor can significantly influence the movitation and the performance of front line employees through a situational leadership approach.

In the second part of this training, participants will identify the procedures in the screening process most affected by detection errors and they will develop practical solutions to reduce these events, by focusing on error precursors. This course can be combined with our program that focuses on Human Factors, Effectiveness and Situational Awareness (Training 4).

Course presentation

  • Audience: executive, managers and screening supervisors.
  • 16 hours; 12 to 16 students (3 to 4 teams of 4 participants).


For more information:

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