Training 3 – Screening spectators for sports and cultural events

The training program will begin with an assessment of the threats that have and will impact sports and cultural event and how the screening of spectators can reduce the risks that could affect the safety and security of spectators. This course will enable managers and supervisors involved in event security, to align and prioritize their actions in order to meet the service and effectiveness targets of the organization.

Students will identify the key interactions between front line employees and the spectators, those « moments of truth » influencing the customer experience and the effectiveness of the operations. We will also cover the importance of the first contact with the customer and explain how supervisors can motivate front line employees  and influence the performance of the screening team, through a situational leadership approach.

Participants will learn how to operate Walk-Through Metal Detectors (WTMDs) and Hand Held Metal Detectors (HHMDs), according to corporate policies and SOPs, to detect prohibited items, through practical exercises.

This training program will enable managers and supervisors involved in event security, to effectively align their actions with the objectives of the organization.

Course presentation

  • Targeted audience: executives, managers and supervisors involved.
  • 8 hours; 12 à 20 students in teams of 4 participants.


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